Rent A Nephew in the Capital Region

Rent A Nephew is a family-owned and operated business serving New York’s Capital Region. We provide homeowners with quality and affordable home repair services, including painting, plumbing, electrical, general handyman services and much more. If you live in the Greater Capital Region area and need a reliable handyman, contact Rent A Nephew today.

Rent A Nephew Core Values

Rent A Nephew has relied on key guiding core values since the beginning to build trust with homeowners through integrity, professionalism, and the feeling of a job well done.

There’s nothing more comforting than working with professionals. Rent A Nephew believes in the values of serving the community, delivering on a promise, and sticking to their roots. That’s why Rent A Nephew is regarded as one of the best handyman services in the Capital Region and surrounding area.

If you’re looking for a reliable handyman in the Capital Region, then Rent A Nephew is the provider you seek. Rent A Nephew believes that having professionalism at the core of their value system helps guide the entire home repair process and leaves homeowners feeling at ease.

Quality Workmanship
Rent A Nephew doesn’t tolerate substandard workmanship and will never put profit over perfection. When you’re placing trust in Rent A Nephew for your home repairs or maintenance, you can count on a quality job well done.

About the Owners

The idea for Rent A Nephew came about 20 years ago over coffee at the kitchen table. Arthur and Kim Verner discussed starting a business where Kim’s senior clients could hire Arthur as a pretend “Nephew” when they needed work done on their car or home. They could have someone to advocate for them and without the fear of being ripped off. When talking with their friends and colleagues, they realized many busy professionals don’t have the time or skills to complete jobs around their home.
Local Handyman

Arthur Scott Verner
Arthur Scott Verner’s path to Rent A Nephew was not a straight line to a handyman business. His expertise and skills were built over time, spending 30 years in many different fields. All of this time and experience has led to the skillset he needs to complete the wide range of tasks and jobs for his clients today. Arthur was a licensed auto mechanic and trained as a home inspector, with his family roots in the general contracting business. He also worked three decades as a professional studio engineer, utilizing and growing his knowledge in wiring and repairing electrical equipment. His training as a home inspector, has given Arthur a keen eye and specific knowledge in assisting those looking to sell their homes.

Kimberly Strauchon Verner
As an elder law attorney, Kim Verner crossed paths with seniors and individuals with disabilities needing assistance with basic home repairs and projects. Receiving assistance from a trusted handyman would allow them to live independently as long as possible, in the home they love. Kim’s experience as an elder law attorney makes it possible for Rent A Nephew to work with executors of estates and trustees of trusts. She also understands the unique challenges adult children encounter assisting their aging parents and homes.

We respect the time and skill of our professional colleagues devoted to specific specialities. We don’t take on large projects that would be better suited for general contractors, such as those taking more than 3 to 5 days to complete, or work best left to licensed plumbers, electricians, or roofers. ~Arthur & Kim

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